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Daily Create 3/25/20

I usually never care about clothes. I haven’t even bought new clothes in like 3 years. There is something so boring about buying clothes both in store and online. It might be that Im very picky. I spend at least an hour looking for one shirt online because I have to know the texture, reviews, Read More

Daily Create 3/26/2020

This is a little poem I created about plastic pollution. I usually hate rereading my own work but I actually kinda like it this time (I dislike admitting that too). I don’t know much about poetry, mostly because I usually daydreamed in English class, but I do know that my name means song/poem in latin Read More

Daily Create 3/13

I didn’t have time to draw a cute donkey unicorn as I was trying to get used to the website and programs we will start using temporarily in my other classes, but I did find this cute little drawing on google images. Read More

Daily Create 3/12

In this daily create we were told to draw antique stuff. So I googled a picture online as reference and then started drawing. It was kinda difficult. I did a very rough sketch and then I just added colors and more colors haha and uploaded to twitter. I was actually surprised by the sweet comments Read More

Daily Create 2/27/20

The task for this Daily Create was to pick and comment on old book illustrations. The reason why I searched ‘stars’ was because I was interested in how illustrators painted the stars and how they prevented from using to much ink. I thought this image was really powerful but sad. Read More

Daily Create 2/26/20

When thinking of a place to live I always think of big homes, but I honestly prefer the rural areas since this is where I was born and raised all my life. It doesn’t matter how big the house is to me, rather it’s if I’m comfortable with my environment. Though a big house in Read More

Daily Create 2/24/20

This was a fun little Daily Create, it was actually harder than it looked. ‘Cavemen Snort Milk’ was the most creative thing to ever come out of my mouth. Read More

Daily Creates 2/21/20

Enchiladas are my favorite food and it’s something that I ate occasionaly as a child. My mom makes me this dish when I go home during the weekend and it brings me so much joy! Read More

Daily Create 2/20/20

I have always found it scary but I really do appreciate the work the people do to make one. I remember watching this movie over and over again at school and everyone was so invested in it while I couldn’t find the appeal haha Read More

Daily Create 2/19/20

Really cute idea I had in my mind that I though would be fun to make. I enjoy making these small chubby characters a lot with very sharp legs and hands. Very Adorable! Read More