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Daily Create (4/10/20)

I heard this last night and it scared me to death. Then I looked over to my cat (to see if he was fine) and he wasn’t there. I got the courage to get up and see what was happening, with my heart pumping like crazy. Good thing it was just my cat haha. He Read More

Daily Create (4/8/20)

This brought a lot of memories back and it was nice yet a bit sad. I do hope to meet this lady again and thank her for just making my day a bit happier! Read More

Daily Create (4/7/20)

My sister and I have become room buddies lol. We are always in the living room and both of us wont leave. I think we are used to each other now. But she has no manners and has the tv on full volume, and I dont have any earphones to tune her music out. Read More

Daily Create 4/1/20

I thought this daily create was a bit hard to think of but I love imagining these type of scenarios in my head no matter how wild and maybe I went a little overboard plus it was like 3am when I thought of this and drew the little doodle. My favorite DC this week! Read More

Daily Create 3/31/20

Anytime I have an opportunity to draw, I take it. I have been doing this for a few days now and it’s been very enjoyable. I even added a page here for my art! Read More

Daily Create 3/30/20

yay more drawing DCs! I actually had a hard time thinking of things that I love and my feelings. I am not sure if that’s a good thing or not but I am okay with my life right now and everyone that is in my life makes me feel happy and comfy 🙂 Read More

Daily Create 3/25/20

I usually never care about clothes. I haven’t even bought new clothes in like 3 years. There is something so boring about buying clothes both in store and online. It might be that Im very picky. I spend at least an hour looking for one shirt online because I have to know the texture, reviews, Read More

Daily Create 3/26/2020

This is a little poem I created about plastic pollution. I usually hate rereading my own work but I actually kinda like it this time (I dislike admitting that too). I don’t know much about poetry, mostly because I usually daydreamed in English class, but I do know that my name means song/poem in latin Read More

Daily Create 3/13

I didn’t have time to draw a cute donkey unicorn as I was trying to get used to the website and programs we will start using temporarily in my other classes, but I did find this cute little drawing on google images. Read More

Daily Create 3/12

In this daily create we were told to draw antique stuff. So I googled a picture online as reference and then started drawing. It was kinda difficult. I did a very rough sketch and then I just added colors and more colors haha and uploaded to twitter. I was actually surprised by the sweet comments Read More

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