Radio Show Update

We were able to get everyone roles for our radio show. Liz suggested to base our radio show on the perception of the 80’s pre and post 80’s through different media like books, tv shows, movies, music, etc. Then look at the generational difference between them, positively and negatively. I chose to read the book Read More

Daily Create 2/27/20

The task for this Daily Create was to pick and comment on old book illustrations. The reason why I searched ‘stars’ was because I was interested in how illustrators painted the stars and how they prevented from using to much ink. I thought this image was really powerful but sad. Read More

Daily Create 2/26/20

When thinking of a place to live I always think of big homes, but I honestly prefer the rural areas since this is where I was born and raised all my life. It doesn’t matter how big the house is to me, rather it’s if I’m comfortable with my environment. Though a big house in Read More

Daily Create 2/24/20

This was a fun little Daily Create, it was actually harder than it looked. ‘Cavemen Snort Milk’ was the most creative thing to ever come out of my mouth. Read More

Radio Bumper Time!

Radio Bumper: Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running creating a 15 to 30 second bumper for the station. What is a bumper? It is a short recording that identifies the radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned into I Read More

6th Weekly Summary

This week was fun to create but it took me longer to come up with the themes of my assignments. Throughout all the assignments, picking the right images was the most time consuming and difficult to choose from. I thoroughly enjoy anything to do with image editing though I am pretty bad it. Hopefully I Read More

Daily Creates 2/21/20

Enchiladas are my favorite food and it’s something that I ate occasionaly as a child. My mom makes me this dish when I go home during the weekend and it brings me so much joy! Read More

Daily Create 2/20/20

I have always found it scary but I really do appreciate the work the people do to make one. I remember watching this movie over and over again at school and everyone was so invested in it while I couldn’t find the appeal haha Read More

Daily Create 2/19/20

Really cute idea I had in my mind that I though would be fun to make. I enjoy making these small chubby characters a lot with very sharp legs and hands. Very Adorable! Read More

Teenage Nostalgia w/ The Boomers

Assignments: On The Cover Of A Teen Maggure from politics, education, that you would not expect to be there, on the cover of a teen fan magazine. Bonus points if the cover includes a heart throb of initials JB and a lot of pink color. Re-edit the text as well to blend them into the Read More

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