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Final Project + Summary

Welp. Get ready for some horribly drawn cats and a story that really only makes sense to me (kind of). I honestly dont know when it went wrong, but here we are. I admit the story is a little odd. My goal was to have 3-5 cats from different ‘universe’ which means different media. However, Read More

Outline + Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary:Thinking of ideas for this project has been very tough. All week I have been stressing over what I should do and if it’s time effective to do one thing over another. Since next week is the last week of classes, I have to turn in assignments for other classes so I keep that Read More

Weekly Summary

Today’s week was a bit more relaxing and comfy. I got a day off and it felt nice. I do have other exams and assignments to study for/finish. But I can relax for just a bit more time. Anyways I learned a new technique for editing: masking. I learn alot from this class, because it Read More

Daily Create (4/10/20)

I heard this last night and it scared me to death. Then I looked over to my cat (to see if he was fine) and he wasn’t there. I got the courage to get up and see what was happening, with my heart pumping like crazy. Good thing it was just my cat haha. He Read More

Daily Create (4/8/20)

This brought a lot of memories back and it was nice yet a bit sad. I do hope to meet this lady again and thank her for just making my day a bit happier! Read More

Daily Create (4/7/20)

My sister and I have become room buddies lol. We are always in the living room and both of us wont leave. I think we are used to each other now. But she has no manners and has the tv on full volume, and I dont have any earphones to tune her music out. Read More

Marine Sky

Mashup assignment Not sure if this was one of the mashup assignments…. So, I taught myself how to mask a picture/video. I’m not that good but I did something simple. It was actually fun to do and I did so many of them as practice. This technique wasn’t bad, I had trouble changing the video Read More

Weekly Summary Time!

This week was like any other week. My computer still sucks but I think I have to adapt to it’s slowness. In other news I have been getting into drawing. Really fun and therapeutic thing to do. I created a page called ‘Art Boredom’ because my boredom was my inspiration to draw lol. Also, I Read More

Daily Create 4/1/20

I thought this daily create was a bit hard to think of but I love imagining these type of scenarios in my head no matter how wild and maybe I went a little overboard plus it was like 3am when I thought of this and drew the little doodle. My favorite DC this week! Read More

Daily Create 3/31/20

Anytime I have an opportunity to draw, I take it. I have been doing this for a few days now and it’s been very enjoyable. I even added a page here for my art! Read More

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