Art Boredom

We are in quarantine yada yada yada, so I picked a ‘new’ hobby. Now these drawings are a bit raw (?) since I don’t like going back and editing them because I draw what I’m feeling at the moment so going back and fixing some parts makes it not authentic (i don’t know if that makes any sense). Also, my skills are poor, I legit don’t know much about art other than I like to do it when I’m bored. So please don’t judge them too badly! I’m kidding, any type of critique is welcome (nice, mean, constructive) I don’t really care. I don’t know if I will continue to draw frequently but I hope you enjoy them!

My Motto: “Keep adding color until the mistakes are gone”

I think you can tell in which areas I got really bored
The hair is just eh I admit
Poor sad plants (They’re suppose to be plants lol)
Some Flower Emotions <3
Gramophone: Play Some TUNES
This one is an oldie (couple months ago)
casual walk

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